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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Another Day, Another Humiliation.

This week our president was reported as having said something awful about impoverished third world countries.  He wondered why there were so many immigrants from these countries facing such awful circumstances. Reportedly he said we need more immigrants from countries that are doing well financially. The implication was we should have immigrants that really have no need to immigrate. 

Maybe we could have our INS agents sneak into wealthier countries and spirit a few of the more successful professionals from select European countries back to the US. Of course, then we can use some people from the other countries, the poor countries, to clean their houses, tend their gardens and make sure they don’t escape back to whatever paradise they were liberated from. 

Of course we will have to alter the wording on the Statue of Liberty, something along the lines of “give us your educated, successful, self-sufficient, or we will come for them.” 

In a surprising display of unity a couple of  republicans rushed to the president’s defense, after a couple of days.

“I was in town that day, and I did not hear the president say that.”  A senator I can’t remember from a state that escapes my memory for the moment.

“When?” The reporter asked.

“When what?” The senator asked, back.

“When didn’t you hear the president call several poor, unfortunate countries a toilet?”  The reporter rolled his eyes toward the heavens for strength.

“At the meeting.” The senator replied.

“Was that the only time he didn’t say it?”

“No, I never, always, didn’t hear him say that.”

“Thanks, we are all out of time.”

“No, thank you,” “No I insist, thank you,” “No, thank you, damnit,” On and on. 

Meanwhile American credibility falls around the world. The president is not welcome in London, the capitol of our staunchest ally. People look to China, Germany, and Russia for stability, and Nero tweets. It was nice while it lasted.